Usmc Bunker Buster 4Th Marine Div. (Bazookaman) Iwo Jima 1945

Usmc Bunker Buster 4Th Marine Div. (Bazookaman) Iwo Jima 1945
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USMC Bunker Buster "Barney Healy" faithfully re-creates a member of the US 4th Marine Division as he may have appeared during the battle of Iwo Jima. He wears the ubiquitous Pattern-41 USMC Utility Uniform, low "Boondockers" rubber-soled boots, and M1 Helmet with unique "beach-side" USMC camouflage cover. His weapons would be especially effective in the unique conditions of the Iwo Jima battle -- the M12 Shotgun for close-quarters fighting on the move, and the M9A1 2.36-in "Bazooka" rocket launcher to defeat the many bunkers and entrenched positions held by opposing Imperial Japanese forces. Featuring several USMC-specific functional and cloth-technology items, Private "Barney Healy" is a must for any serious 1:6 collector and US Marine Corps fan!

Barney includes the following accessories;
GI Helmet with Cover
USMC P1944 Utility Coat
USMC P1944 HBT Utility Trousers
Sleeveless Undershirt
USMC Boots
LC-2 First Aid Kit
First Aid Pouch
M1910 Trenching Tool
Metal Water Bottle with Pouch
MKII A1 Fragmentation Grenade
M12 Shotgun
M9 Bazooka with Rocket

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