Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Make a payment of a deposit then spread the rest of the cost of your pre-order with a monthly Direct Debit.


We introduce a new payment method at our website - Direct Debit (by Gocardless). By choosing Direct Debit, you have the options below for all your orders either in-stock or pre-order items:


For pre-order items

​1. Make a payment of the deposit (10% of the order's total value), which will be charged on the 7th day after your order is placed. That means you have 7 days to cancel your order without being charged the deposit as a cancellation fee. Once we received the deposit for your order, your order will be secured. The rest of the balance will be collected by direct debit in either 4 or 6 or 8 or 10 monthly payments from your bank account.

2. We are offering the following direct debit plans for items at different prices (so the total number of direct debit payments is deposit + X months of direct debit payments) :

​£0.01 - £200.00    4 months direct debit payments

£200.01 - £500.00   6 months direct debit payments

£500.01 - £1000.00    8 months direct debit payments

£1000.01 and £2000.00    10 months direct debit payments

£2000.01 and up  12 or more months direct debit depends on the stock ETA


Please specify the date you prefer for the fund to be collected from your bank account in the comment box during checkout, and we will set up the direct debit date accordingly. If no comment was left, we would set up the direct debit on the day of the order placed for each month until the full balance is paid off.


​3. If you choose to place your order via direct debit and decide to cancel any of them after 7 days, we are only able to issue the refunds (after the cancellation fee is deducted) as store credits to your account with us.

​4. Customers who place orders via direct debit are able to apply the discount option of "Making a full payment or use Direct Debit" to their orders as most pre-orders will be paid in full before stock arrives to us.


For in-stock items

​For in-stock items, we are offering two parts payment plan consisting of a 10% deposit (which is charged on the 7th day after the order is placed), followed by the out-standing balance to be charged on the same day of the order placed in the following month.