Layaway Plan


The outstanding balance for any orders on layaway needs to be cleared within 1 calendar month after the stock arrives at us.

Layaway plan payment clearing time period limit

There is a time limit for paying off the full amount with your orders with Layaway.

1. For instock items, you need to clear the full amount in 1 calendar month, within this period you can pay as many times and any amounts as you like. As soon as we receive the full payment of the item, we will dispatch it within 24 hours.

2. For pre-order items, you need to clear the full amount within 1 calendar month after​ they come in stock ( that means the time period is from your order placed till 1 calendar month after items are in stock). We will send you a notice by email to inform you that your preorders is in stock. So you can choose either clear the full amount in time or in 1 calendar month. As soon as we receive the full payment of the item, we will dispatch it within 24 hours.


Layaway orders cancellation fee

Due to the bank charges of accepting payment,  we will charge orders with Layaway a cancellation fee when orders are cancelled by customers or collectiblesdirect (due to customer fail to pay the full amount in agreed time limit).

The fee will be 10% of total value of your orders for cancellations, any additional payment will be credited to customers' account with us (which is known as shop credit). By choosing the Layaway option when placing your order, you will be agreeing to pay any applicable cancellation fee.

This is clearly noted in our Terms and Conditions during check out. We strongly suggest that you read the terms before agreeing to the contract.

We offer you a new service of buying products with our Layaway plan, which means you can pay your orders with INSTALLMENTS.

!!! Please note all in stock items can only be dispatched as soon as we receive the full payment.


Making a new order with Layaway plan.

If you decide to buy a thing with Layaway plan, please follow the steps as below:

1. Add anything to the shopping basket. Please choose the discount option of layaway plan if you don't want to pay your order in full in advance. Then click CHECK OUT. 

    At step 5: Payment Method, please choose any one of the payment methods " Worldpay ", and also tick the option - Please tick if you want to use our Layaway Plan Service.

  2. After choosing the Layaway option, the box of Layaway deposit will show up. From here you can see the minimum amount you need to pay. You can also change the amount to the one you want to pay. And then click continue to go to the next step.

3. At Step 6: Confirm Order, you can see your order confirmation with the Initial Layaway Deposit which you will pay. After checking everything is right, press confirm order to make payment.

    After payment is made, you will see a confirmation to your order. And an order confirmation email will be sent to your email address.


Pay the balance of any orders with Layaway.

You can pay the balance of your orders with Layaway with step as follows:

1. Go to My Account, click View your order history. You will see all the orders you have.

2. Click the icon View at right side of the order you want to see details. Then you go into the Order Information section with the full details of your order.

3. Any orders with Layaway, you can see the Layaway Payment History. In this section, you can see all the payments you have made, and the Remaining Balance of your order with Layaway.

4. When you are going to make a new payment for the order with Layaway, please enter the amount you want to pay in the box of Layaway Payment Amount and click Make Payment to go to check out and making payment.

5. It directs you to the check out and this time you will not see the Layaway option.

Before confirm the new payment, please double check if the amount you want to pay is correct. If the amount is wrong, please delete it in the shopping cart and redo it.

6. After new payment is made, you will receive the confimation email from us. And the Layaway Payment History and the Remaining Balance are all updated.