Lenore PVC Figure Series 1 3-Pack Giftbox 10 cm

Lenore PVC Figure Series 1 3-Pack Giftbox 10 cm
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Help! Lenore and company have been shrunk down, dipped in vinyl, and are now trapped in a box! I don´t think there´s much air in that box, man! Even worse, Pooty has the gas, and you don´t want to be trapped in a stuffy box with a gassy pooty. Please set them free before it is too late. Think of the children!

Roman Dirge´s original cute little dead girl lives on. She and her friends, Mr. Gosh, Ragamuffin, and Pooty make for a frighteningly adorable PVC Set. Fans of Roman´s artwork and comics can proudly display this deathly little family on their mantle or the dashboard of their hearse. Lenore holds her monkey stick, while her faithful admirer, Mr. Gosh, bears his love for Lenore despite the knife in his head. Ragamuffin and Pooty make up the third figure, performing a gruesome balancing at.

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