Lord of the Rings Illuminated Moria Staff of Gandalf 168 CM

Lord of the Rings Illuminated Moria Staff of Gandalf 168 CM
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The staff of the Wizard Gandalf the Grey was a very powerful talisman and tool with which to exercise his enormous powers. After Gandalf's Pipe Staff was taken from him by the wizard Saruman when he was imprisoned in Orthanc, he aquired a new staff in Rivendell after his escape. This long, wood staff had a crown of twisted root branches and runes carved into the sides. When the Fellowship of the Ring needed a light to find their way in the dark Mines of Moria, Gandalf set an illuminated magic crystal into its crown. It was there in depths of Middle-earth that Gandalf encountered Durin’s Bane, the great Balrog of Moria. Gandalf channeled his power through his staff to defend his companions against the flaming beast, using it to break the bridge in Khazad-dum! This authentically detailed polyresin replica is a reproduction of an actual prop built by the The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Art Department. The staff is 66 inch tall, featuring finely cast details.

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