House of the dragon crown of king viserys targaryen ltd ed prop replica

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House of the dragon crown of king viserys targaryen ltd ed prop replica

King Viserys I Targaryen is remembered as ‘Viserys The Peaceful,’ but his death, without a male heir, sets off a violent successional dispute that has long lasting repercussions for the realm.
His crown was passed down by his Grandfather Jaehaerys The Wise. It features the emblems of the Great Houses of Westeros; Lannister, Aryyn, Stark, Martell, Tully, Baratheon and Tyrell with the three-headed dragon of House Targaryen at the front, larger than all the others as a symbol of Targaryen majesty, authority and power. After his death, the crown was smuggled out of The Red Keep and presented to Visery’s chosen heir Princess Rhaenyra.
For on set practicality, the original prop crown was made of a lightweight resin, painted to look like metal. Each replica has been cast from solid metal, for a more real-world feel.
Factory Entertainment's development team was able to accurately replicate the crown by carefully studying the screen used prop and the 3D models that were used to create it.
The collectible includes an Iron Throne motif display stand that allows the replica to rest on the hilts of 4 swords. Each piece includes a sequentially numbered medallion cast in metal and is presented in a full color box with a certificate of authenticity. Edition Size 1000 Pieces.

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