Halo Replica 1/4 E.V.A. Helm 19 cm

Halo Replica 1/4 E.V.A. Helm 19 cm
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The E.V.A. Helmet is now available to pre-order in a STRICTLY limited edition of only 300 world wide.

The EVA armor is a variant of the standard Mark VI MJOLNIR powered assault armor; specialized to improve survivability of SPARTANs when in vacuum.

The pinnacle of personal defense system mechanics and innovation, the Master Chief´s Mark VI MJOLNIR armour, the armour of a SPARTAN, is more an extension of himself than a suit. With features built into its structure including energy shields, multiple weapons system tracking, bio-foam and an extreme trauma protection ´lockdown´ mode, the armour offers both protection and support for the Chief, assisting the healing of his injuries and enhancing his abilities, allowing him near indefinite autonomous function.

Made to approximately 1/4th scale by the artists and modelmakers of Weta Workshop, this helmet is cast in metal and weighs in the region of 2 lbs (1kg).

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