Halo Reach Series 4 6 inches AF Asst

Halo Reach Series 4 6 inches AF Asst
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McFarlane Toys is proud to present the 4th line of action figures and vehicles from the blockbuster video game, Halo: Reach.

Jorge (unhelmeted)
The Noble Team Spartans of Halo: Reach, unlike Master Chief, are seen both with their helmets and without. This new, alternate version of Noble Five brings back Jorge with his unhelmeted appearance. Figure includes Jorge's signature Turret gun and backpack.

Brute Minor
The imposing Jiralhanae ""Brutes"" are first encountered in Halo: Reach as Covenant shock troops, tearing apart the urban metropolis of New Alexandria. Our first Halo: Reach Brute action figure is the most commonly encountered version, the Brute Minor. Figure includes a Brute Spike Rifle and Plasma Grenade.

Elite General
This hero-level Elite invader features the all-new, eye-catching gold armor of the General rank. Figure includes matching Fuel Rod Gun and Plasma Grenade.

Grunt Major
This Unggoy specialist features the new two-pronged methane tank design introduced in Halo: Reach, and the orange-red armor color that identifies him as a Major.
Figure includes Needler and Plasma Grenade.

UNSC Marine
These elite Troopers, deployed from the cruiser Pillar of Autumn, can be seen in the climactic level of Halo: Reach -- assisting Noble Six and Emile as they race to deliver ""The Package"" to safety. These Marines feature distinctive elements such as dark blue camouflage, fully enclosed helmets, and Base Security shoulder armor. Figure includes Assault Rifle.

Spartan Mark V (male) (team blue/team blue)
The Mark V armor is a true fan-favorite: it's the armor Master Chief himself wore in Halo: Combat Evolved, the very first Halo game. This Spartan features the iconic armor in classic Blue Team colors. Figure includes Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade.

Size: 13-15 cm. / 5-6".


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