British Commonwealth Troop (Rifleman) Nw Europe 1944

British Commonwealth Troop (Rifleman) Nw Europe 1944
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Consists of four figures, in action poses, with one kneeling firing a Mk II Sten with skeleton pattern butt, a Bren gunner firing from the hip, one rifleman advancing with rifle at the ready and another running forward carrying a rifle in one hand and a hand grenade in the other. Poses are realistic and not too 'extreme', and all four are in 1937 BD with open collars and the usual webbing with small pack, apart from the Bren gunner who wears the sleeveless leather jerkin - a trademark of British troops for many years - who also does not have his pack. The riflemen carry extra ammunition in cotton bandoliers which was common practice, leaving the webbing pouches free for grenades or Bren magazines. Some extras, in the form of a shovel and a pickaxe commonly carried to dig in when halted, a webbing holder for spare Bren barrel and tools (part C9), mugs for the all-important 'char' - a drink based on tea with lots of sugar and condensed milk, vital to the smooth functioning of any true Brit - and a small Bren tools wallet (part B8), and a pair of large Utility Pouches (part 6) which were larger versions of the basic pouch used for extra carrying capacity, allow some variety of equipment. Only two entrenching tools (parts 7) are included, these were usually carried even if a larger digging implement had been issued or acquired. Four water bottles with web carriers (parts 2) and two with sleeve carriers (parts 10) also help variety, and the helmets included are one plain Mk I, two Mk I's with net covers and field dressings carried in them, and a single Mk IV (B7). Each head has the chin strap molded in.

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