Halo Replica 1/4 C.Q.B. Helm 19 cm

Halo Replica 1/4 C.Q.B. Helm 19 cm
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The C.Q.B. Helmet is now available to pre-order in a STRICTLY limited edition of only 300 world wide.

The CQB´s visor is T-shaped due to the additional facial armor, as the CQB armor is designed for close combat which generally involves more violent actions to the head.

The pinnacle of personal defense system mechanics and innovation, the Master Chief´s Mark VI MJOLNIR armour, the armour of a SPARTAN, is more an extension of himself than a suit. With features built into its structure including energy shields, multiple weapons system tracking, bio-foam and an extreme trauma protection ´lockdown´ mode, the armour offers both protection and support for the Chief, assisting the healing of his injuries and enhancing his abilities, allowing him near indefinite autonomous function.

Made to approximately 1/4th scale by the artists and modelmakers of Weta Workshop, this helmet is cast in metal and weighs in the region of 2 lbs (1kg)

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